Top Christian Ministries

PosterIn Touch Ministries
They reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

PosterHarvest Christian Fellowship
Knowing God and making Him known.

PosterCalvary Chapel
Their greatest desire is for people to come to know God personally.

A group of Christian business professionals who meet monthly.
Biblical Tours
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  Link   Emmaus Online
Emmaus Educational Services, an initiative intended to assist students, clergy and laity to engage and understand the biblical world.
  Link   Meander Travel
Since 1977 we have demonstrated ourselves as becoming the leader and the most known travel agency, our experiences for three decades have been accumulated on the operations of tour, travel and cruise related services throughout Turkey and Greece.
  Link   SDA Tour
Since 7 years our Travel Agency serves our brethren to visit the biblical sites found in the Mediterranean region. We offer you our local knowledge, top of the line services and unbeatable value.
  Link   Templeton Tours: Holy Land Tours
For over 25 years TEMPLETON TOURS has been arranging quality tours to the Holy Land, focusing attention on the needs of the Christian traveler.

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