The Poets Heart
A Time Ago


A time ago, I fled from your presence, into a world absent of constant understanding. Confronting the holder of delusion, and his legion of adversity.

A time ago, I traversed into the darkest corners of existence, through a wilderness of fallen dreams laid waste, to descend into a well of corruption immersed within a dominion of impetuous haste.

Until your Song of Devotion broke through, a harmonious awakening, exclaiming exaltation by Grace, into the great realm of infinite wonders, elegance and peace.  To receive a glorious inheritance of everlasting tranquility, before your Throne of Serenity.

© 2007 Michael A. Campos
As That of a Touch



Great and mighty warriors fighting for our lives. Onward we move, onward we fly, to Heavens gate simply, you will find, passages and corridors, of the divine.

His Majesty speaks in clarity, offering anointings of faith and charity, Heavenly treasures which are truly prized, to those awakened who shall rise, on occasion, for all who seek, the light of truth, the reward of the meek.  See the promise in all His words of wisdom. 

His vastness is such, as that of a touch, of pure energy, thought and belief.  From the celestial court our King utters His commands, obedience and love, in which we may stand, ever so firm, beholding the Sword of Truth, armor aglow, radiant in purity and youth.

Deception leads to rebellion and sin, the Great Spirit fights the battle within, absolute redemption energizes the will, to endure hardships unseen, by way of a fountain where waters do fill, a man's heart, soul, and mind, with life and birth into and through the beginnings of time.

© 2007 Michael A. Campos


To This You Were Called

Beloved Children,

Of the most High God.  We have received an invitation to enter into the realm of His royal dominion, not by written notice or decree, yet by His Holy Messenger, who as silently as a brush of the wind has brought forth into our hearts a Promise of Everlasting Peace foretold long ago, which has now been accomplished, according to the purposes of the ages, through the Prince of Life, Christ Jesus, Our Lord.

For we are now his people and members of His household, aliens to this realm of hostility and corruption, a Heavenly Brotherhood, called to stand against the rulers of disobedience, who have organized this present continuum by its law of deception against our Great King, His Holiness, El-Shaddai-Adonai!

No longer should we value what is, over what is not, the finite over the infinite. What is highly prized shall fade into obscurity.  Why find fulfillment in elements which are no more than an illusion of the truth?  Ornaments of good which adorn the hearts, suppressing the Spirit of Grace, from His reign of Excellency.

Such lifeless particles of delusion, revered, reflecting the absence of reality.  For darkness shall dwell in death, yet His Glory and Brilliance abides forevermore in our hearts.

Amen & Amen

© 2007 Michael A. Campos

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With Love


With love, I send the promise of everlasting life.  Filled with moments yet to be discovered, as a man takes unto his wife.

With love, an incandescent serenade was heard near, far, and wide.  Bestowing honor, veracity, and Spirit to a kin highly prized.

With love, the morning cast a melody of vitality, as twilights excellence danced eternally.

With love, the skies were opened, releasing showers of pleasures and delights, as the ground arose to splendor in a domain embracing, credence, veneration, and sight.

With love, a doctrine of belief from the Blessed Offering was given unto you, that you may see, words so true, the essence of divinity.

With Love,


© 2007 Michael A. Campos